Our services

Due Diligence – services on determination and minimisation of legal and economic risks of the company and managerial bodies

  • Legal audit of corporate documents
  • Analysis of damage infliction risks relating to the company and third parties during implementation of internal corporate procedures and economic activities execution
  • Examination of documents on their conformity to the current legislation as well as interests of the client
  • Legal analysis of commercial risks and analysis of validity of the third parties claims
  • Examination of economic activities and financial analysis for the purpose of prevention of bankruptcy risk and withdrawal of assets
  • Analysis of economic activity of the company or transactions in order to estimate tax risks
  • Consultation on costs regarding adherence to market conditions of transactions execution
  • Financial analysis with the purpose of presence (absence) of signs of bankruptcy revealing

M&A transactions support. Restructuring services

  • Elaboration of strategy of absorptions and merges, their expert support
  • Performance of integrated inspections of the company: financial, tax and legal, for the purpose of revealing and localisation of risks of M&A transaction execution, and risks relating to planning of internal corporate procedures
  • Consultation on costs for management decision making for the purposes of:
    • sale or acquisition of assets
    • funding acquisition
    • foundation of a joint venture
    • company reacquire by its chiefs
  • Consultation on restructuring of the organisation, corporate reorganisation, liquidation
  • Elaboration and assistance in implementation of financial rehabilitation programs
  • Expert support of procedures of financial rehabilitation, restructuring and liquidation within the frames of arbitration management

Corporate property protection. Settlement of business conflicts

  • Development of corporate and economic security model
  • Strategy elaboration and legal support of client protection in a corporate conflict or in situation of unfriendly absorption or forcing out
  • Legal support of protection of the company’s transactions against greenmail
  • Legal support of the company’s managerial bodies protection against "corporate pressure"
  • Elaboration of strategy and legal protection of company assets against wrongful acts of creditors
  • Legal support of assets protection under compulsory recovery proceedings at the stage of final process
  • Elaboration of strategy and legal support of protection in case of fictitious or deliberate bankruptcy
  • Preventive measures against internal corporate conflicts occurrence and growth
  • Estimation of fidelity and efficiency of company management work
  • Assistance to participants in settlement of a corporate conflict by conciliation procedures (mediation)

Service package on indebtedness collection

  • Audit of debts receivable, analysis of reasons of receivables occurrence and accumulation
  • Analysis of client division’s (experts’) performance regarding timeliness and sufficiency of measures on debts receivable collection
  • Elaboration of optimum actions for indebtedness collection considering organisational and legal form of the debtor, its property status, requests of other creditors and collection stage
  • Claims activities, conduct of negotiations on debt service settlement
  • Representation in arbitration courts and trial courts of general jurisdiction on issues relating to indebtedness collection
  • Representation at the stage of final process, expert estimation of the court bailiff activity regarding performance of debtor’s property detection, arrest, evaluation and sale
  • Initiation and expert support of bankruptcy proceedings regarding troublesome debtors
  • Performance of comprehensive financial and economic examinations and checks on presence (absence) of signs of deliberate or fictitious bankruptcy
  • Estimation of damage caused to creditors by actions (failure to act) of managerial bodies of the debtor